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Pleated leather dress, Versace, price upon request, at select Versace boutiques nationwide. Silk chiffon slip, Damaris, $100. Cubic zirconia earring, Crislu canada goose sale , $120 per pair. Pearl necklace, Mark Walsh Leslie Chin, price upon request. Pearl bracelet, Janis by Janis Savitt, $475. Nylon-blend socks, American Apparel, $10. Embellished duchesse Maryjanes, Miu Miu, $1,495.

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I have two kids. My second baby , weighing in at almost nine pounds really did a number on me. Since I’ve had him (18 months ago) things just haven’t been the same down there. A few months ago I started researching my options. I read reviews about vaginal rejuvenation and V-lifts (facelifts for your vagina) but they all included surgery, painful recovery and a significant amount of downtime. So I put my search on hold. I didn’t have time for all that. – Continue Reading BelowThen I met Dr. Jason Emer one night at a charity event. He specializes in body work (lipo, sculpting, etc) and I told him about my problem. He had a solution for me

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– Continue Reading BelowA couple of weeks ago, I decided to invite a few friends out for cocktails to toast my last period.It’s not often that a 38-year-old woman knows when she will have her last period. I do because I am having a hysterectomy this month. The idea of celebrating my final menses struck me as having the potential to be wonderful and weird. Or just weird. I worried the women I invited would come only because they felt obligated. I worry about being a burden to my friends a lot these days, because I am often blue and hardly recognize myself. I broke down crying the last time I had dinner out with two of these women, because everything I had been through flooded through me at once, and it was unbearable.Though I might not look it, I am frail and fatigued after my ten-year fight to save my uterus. My diagnosis is endometriosis and adenomyosis, two similar but separate diseases that have the same side effect: I bleed too much and sometimes for weeks and months at a time.My original diagnosis, stage-IV endometriosis, causes heavy bleeding and unbearable pain. I have severe anemia from the blood loss and need iron infusions because oral supplementation doesn’t help. A few years ago, I gave up 20 years of dedicated vegetarianism for the iron in meat. I often feel depressed by the choices I have to make.This will be my third surgery for endometriosis in eight years. The idea of another surgery, even if it finally improves my quality of life, has filled me with depression and dread, which is why I needed to try to change my attitude about it. I titled the subject line of the email “Witchy cocktails?” and hesitantly wrote:Hi friends!I had this somewhat strange but somewhat soothing idea the other night that it would be nice to meet up in the next couple weeks for a drink (a final drink too, because I’m not really supposed to be drinking) with close girlfriends, and toast to positive outcomes and actually, to my last period ever, which is just a couple of weeks away. A good-bye and good riddance of sorts. A sending away. A harnessing of witchy power and reclaiming of good health. This is beyond my typical tolerance of New Age-y-ness, and yet I think it could be a healthy and energizing thing to do. And hopefully fun. – Continue Reading BelowIn the postscript, I implored, “Please tell me if this is a terrible idea.”Almost all who I invited said they would come. Of course, of course, they said.* * *This past May, I went to a friend’s birthday party at a pub, then abruptly had to leave because I felt myself begin to bleed uncontrollably. By the time I walked a few steps to my car, I was covered in blood from the waist down. By the time I drove myself five minutes across my neighborhood and parked, I was sitting in a pool of my own blood.At that point, I had been bleeding every day for over six weeks, and I would go on bleeding for several more. It added up to over 90 days of heavy blood loss. It was a side effect of the IUD that was meant to control the familiar, heavy, and unmanageable periods that had returned since I had my son in January 2014. My doctors all told me to give the IUD six months. I won’t last six months like this, I said. Even with the daily bleeding, this hemorrhage was something different altogether.I didn’t do the thing I probably should have done, which was pull over when I passed the emergency room, because I had long stopped believing there was anything besides surgery that could help me. Surgeries are the only things that have helped, though they helped only temporarily. – Continue Reading Below – Continue Reading BelowI didn’t do the thing I probably should have done, which was pull over when I passed the emergency room, because I had long stopped believing there was anything besides surgery that could help me. Instead, I walked into my apartment and told my husband through tears that I was having the largest hemorrhage I’d ever had, and that I was going to get in the bath and clean myself up.Once I was in the tub, I tried to flush out more clots, and blood continued to rush out in amorphous shapes in the tub. I saw them as red sea horses. Red seaweed. Red sea anemones. The shapes began to flatten and thin, dyeing the water horror-movie red. It struck me suddenly that submerging myself in water might be assisting my period in killing me. I got out of the tub.Later, I would scrub layers of dried blood off the car seat. I threw away the brand-new skirt I had worn. My doctor told me if I had called her that night, she would have sent me to the emergency room. What would they have done for me? I asked. Monitored you, she said. – Continue Reading BelowThat Monday, I made an appointment with my gynecological surgeon, the doctor who has operated on me twice in the past eight years to remove endometrial implants growing on my other organs. These surgeries were to restore as much normal menstrual function as possible and assist in my ability to get pregnant. I told her office assistant I wanted to come in for a consult for a hysterectomy. When I got to her office, she gave me an ultrasound and discovered the IUD was missing. After going for every imaginable scan available to locate it, we decided it had expunged itself. That might have been why I was bleeding half to death.* * *Here is my memory of a scene from the film Tom

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An initial take of this class is that it is not particularly good. Compared to the drafts of the last five years, this group ranks ahead of 2013 and on par with 2015 but behind 2014, 2016 and 2017. I’ve said it before, but it’s worth repeating that good scouts will have a field day with this draft class, because there will be value starters in the middle rounds.

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Hermes Replica Handbags While some experiences are common to most of the townlands the Famine, land division, landlord intervention their geographical distribution ensures that each townland has its own individual history. The townland, primarily, constitutes a social unit and thus these studies focus on the story of their communities rather than on their origin or their significance as territorial units. For people, then, who hail from Drumcavan (Clare), Dysart (Westmeath), Ballynahalisk and Sweet Rockmills (Cork), Kilmacud (Dublin), Cloonfush (Galway), Eskerbaun (Roscommon), Clon curry (Kildare), Lacken (Wicklow) and Kildoney (Donegal), this book should prove irresistible. Hermes Replica Handbags

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Wholesale Replica Bags The strawberries are an instructive case, and are the plant I know the best from my own research. First of all, they’re not even really fruit. The little yellow things on the outside that you call the seeds are actually the fruits. This model is very easy to use with a zipper open – close it. This is my first post. View Profile Hello in Blog or not? @ Line ID: jariya2531 Wholesale Replica Bags.

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Even worse, this aunt took her smugness on the road. She was nearing her goal now and her sense of superiority had reached critical mass. Out in public, she would point at fatties of varying sizes and say “Oh, poor plumbo” and then discuss what they were doing wrong with no information to support her assertions.

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1. Determining Square Footage: Before you get started installing any cheap adidas hardwood or laminate flooring, you’ll first want to measure the room you’re going to be installing the flooring into and then checking the flooring you’re going to install to see what the square footage coverage is per box. Measure the length and width of the room and multiply them together.

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Courtesy of Beagle Freedom Project – Continue Reading BelowIn March 2013, my time spent living Paris was made even better when I read the news thatanimal testing had been banned on all cosmetics produced and sold in the EU. As someone who had recently adopted both a vegan diet and an animal testing-free beauty routine, I was elated, yes

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